IoT Infrastructure

IoT Software Infrastructure:


Amazon AWS:

Brillo: Google extending Android

Xively (virtualization as envisioned by LogMeIn)

IBM (implementing their branded middleware to deliver on the vision of a Smarter Planet).

Use Case CISCO:
Requires Extensive knowledge in Routing, Switching, wireless technologies, and network security architectures
Manufacturing interfaces (automobile and other), automation systems, and industrial applications and an understanding of the Operations Technology (OT) mindset/experience
Understanding of Industries and Manufacturing applications for hardened/ruggedized networking products preferred
Working with field account managers, systems engineers and IOT partners to plan sales strategy, develop proposals, deliver customer presentations and / or demonstrations and close business, and participate in related trade shows/conferences representing IOT solutions.
Develop a Business Plan, Mentor Partner System Engineers, Ensure the successful deployment of IOT pilots to become customer references.
Perform in-depth and high-level technical and sales presentations for customers and partners.




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