IoT Market Segments

IoT Market Segments

Industrial: The industrial marketplace will drive a further need for highly strategic and tactical rollout of embedded business devices that interconnect and communicate through the cloud. High growth opportunities exist for business units that can effectively cut across IoT segments and address conceptual, articulated needs which remain unmet. Industrial IoT opportunities include Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Factory & Building Automation, and Healthcare.

Platform Development: An important segment gaining steam is the nebula around the platform itself, its characteristics and functions, its key players and their roles. This includes players as diverse as Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Google (extending Android with Brillo), Xively (virtualization as envisioned by LogMeIn, Verizon, IBM (implementing their branded middleware to deliver on the vision of a Smarter Planet). Strategies will spearhead development in embedded business, focus heavily on security and involve industry influencers/decision makers (service providers, solution providers, OEMs, Tier1 subsystem suppliers), partners (software, middleware, and hardware partners), standards and consortiums for each vertical to build and validate an end-to-end IoT product roadmap.

Consumer: The avant garde of the consumer space, led by our mobile phones, is NEST Labs learning Thermostat. Ushering in the next phase of implementation and hype, NEST now offers the NEST Cam. IoT consumer product roadmap promises vast offerings for smart home, connected auto, and intelligent wearables. In the consumer space system architects will vie for the airways with marketing teams to deliver product roadmaps and consumer-centric applications. Thought leadership in the IoT consumer space will offer the combination of product ideas, market development, and strategic technology solutions, many of which will be able to be implemented rapidly, as seeming inevitable technologies make their way into Santa’s required list for children and into our homes and automobiles. IoT is about connected the dots one more time.


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