Healthcare Big Data Mindset


Previous Pharmaceutical & Biotech Collaborations:

Big Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery

Generation and Analysis of Genomic and Clinical Data for Drug Development

Indication Insights to Drive “Breakthrough Therapy Designation”* Strategy

*(Section 506(a) of the FD&C Act (section 902 of FDASIA))

Oncology Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Rational Drug Combination Design

Clinical Trial Design Registration Strategy Consultation

Drug Licensing/Acquisition Consultation

Strategic Positioning and Re-Positioning of Drugs

New Technology Acquisition Consultation

Health Care Providers & Translational Research Organization Collaborations:

Innovative Research/Study Design

Management of Data Generation Outsourcing

Data/Knowledge Management Consultation

BD2K Services

Custom IT Solution Development

Collaborative Data Ecosystem Development of Team-Science Research Networks

Industry Partnership Development Support